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BMW parked on a custom garage floor Ugly garage slab before epoxy Pool decking epoxy with Colorflakes, slip-resistant Red epoxy Armourseal on garage floor Mica silver shinybar floor.

Your Home

You've worked hard to create a beautiful home. Why not complete your home with a beautiful garage floor?

Ugly Concrete?

Spills and stains of all kinds can ruin the appearance of your concrete floor. Does your garage floor look like this? We have the solution for you.


A pool deck can be made more attractive and even slip-resistant with a concrete treatment with Colorflakes®.

Solid Colors

Protect and customize your concrete floor. Colors, gloss and luster can brighten up and/or dramatically deepen the look of a ordinary space.

Interior Flooring

You can have a one-of-a-kind mica-flake floor treatment for interior spaces too.
A variety of other interior finishes are available for your home as well.

Concrete Coatings - Polyaspartics / Epoxies / Stains
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Transform your garage or patio!

Imagine a concrete floor that is sealed, protected and easy to clean. Imagine it also custom-colorized using your own selected combination of color chips.

Whether you are restoring an old, stained, porous and unsightly floor, or protecting and customizing a brand new one, poly aspartic, epoxy concrete coatings and resinous color chips are the best way to turn you garage or patio into a an enjoyable, clean and beautiful area to spend your time.

The steps to a fantastic floor

  • The site will be inspected to evaluate your needs, the surface condition, and to determine the best product to fit your expectations.
  • You will choose from a selection of solid colors and/or popular combinations of chip colors and sizes to create the custom look you desire.
  • You will receive a written, trustworthy quote for your requested services along with a dependable schedule for the work to be completed.
  • Your surface will be professionally prepared using a diamond-grinding processes to ensure a good adhesion of your floor coating materials.
  • Depending on your product, Poly-Aspartic and/or epoxy coatings and color chips are applied -- Non-slip additives clearcoats as applicable.
  • The entire process for poly-aspartic flooring can be a fast as 1 day depending on products selected, concrete condition, and surface preparation needs. Epoxy floor treatments, including curing time can be 3-5 days depending on area and expected traffic. Once dry and cured, these products are virtually odorless, inert and incredibly durable!
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